You had sex when you’re 14? that’s your choice, you go glen coco, that is okay

You don’t want to have sex till you are married? That takes guts and that is okay

You have a fuck buddy in highschool? Not everyone likes commitment and that is okay

You are asexual and don’t like sex? That’s your sexuality, embrace it, that is okay

But you know what isn’t okay? Shaming people for their sex lives, that is not okay.

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  • teacher: do u understand what ur supposed to be doing
  • me: yeh
  • friend: what r we supposed to be doin
  • me: lol idk
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Torn Cardboard, by Ibon Mainar


Torn Cardboard, by Ibon Mainar

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Photography by Arvida Byström I love fake magazine 2013.

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i hate how much i think about boys i have so many better things to think about!!

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